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Mixjet Music is a new Australian record label, music production, publishing and publicity company and we’re ready to launch!  The Mixjet team is on the hunt for talented, independent artists (innovative music styles will particularly grab our attention).  We’re interested in working with artists from all music genres who’s sound is versatile enough to be released on radio charts and also have work they want to sell for film, television and publishing opportunities.

A major component that sets Mixjet Music apart from our competitors is our in house production team who offer assistance to artists,  helping them get their work across the line, and to an appropriate standard for commercial distribution.

The production team is headed by James Russell, mix engineer, producer and studio director at Heliport Studios.  Publicity, branding, marketing and the social media arm is taken care of by Eleshah Jones, founder of Creature Creative and photographer in her own right, which will come in handy as our approach will be hands when to comes to the development of band’s/artist’s image and branding when they work with Mixjet Music.  Tom Walker is the newest member to join our team, he is currently studying at the Brisbane Conservatory of music and training as James’s assistant studio engineer, being a millennial Tom is all over the latest web applications, innovative concepts for social media marketing and global playlist utilisation.

The Mixjet Music website will be launched this week and there’s also a Youtube channel in the works that’ll be packed full of valuable resources for producers and musicians and will feature artist interviews and tutorials with loads of informative vodcasts and webinars.

Head to our MUSIC page to check out who’s already on the Mixjet

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  • Brad Hemingway
    I found James through a recommendation from another band he has previously recorded. James was a pleasure to work with start to finish, his musical knowledge helped the process tenfold and I was sure from first talking to him that I was in safe hands. Super stoked with the mix! ``
  • Matt Shorter ( Dark Cell)
    James has a good ear and attention to detail. Always fresh ideas and goes above and beyond for his clients to achieve the sounds and vibes they are chasing for each and every project. Easy to collab with and always a good vibe. Also does great day rates at his all men's tanning both. 10/10 would recommend.
  • usoa77
    Documentation was extremely thorough and user friendly! Support is also another aspect that I was impressed with!
  • gnig
    Great theme, even with zero WordPress experience I was able to set up and customize theme by myself. Thank you!

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